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3 Reasons Why You Need A Back-Up Pair Of Glasses

Contact Lens Wearers, This One’s For You! If you wear contact lenses, you need a back-up pair of glasses.

When you wear your contact lenses every day, chances are you haven’t updated your eyeglasses in a while, or you may not have a back-up pair of glasses at all. Consider getting an updated pair of glasses for 3 reasons:


If you can’t wear your contacts (you ran out, you have an eye infection or allergies), having an updated pair of prescription glasses will allow you to not miss a beat with your day-to-day activities.

Eye Glasses


Getting a pair of eyeglasses at the last minute can be tricky with certain prescriptions – and even more so if you want specialty lenses. Selecting glasses ahead of time before an emergency happens, that you actually like, will be one of the best choices you ever made. Find a frame that fits your personal style, with the type of lens that will help reduce thickness and weight. You can prevent being stuck with glasses you don’t really like and that you probably won’t wear once you can use your contacts again.

Versace Semi-Rimless Frame


It can be a headache when the prescription in your glasses doesn’t match the prescription for your contacts. Literally. Using an old prescription can make your vision blurry, cause eyes strain, give you headaches or just make you plain dizzy.

Fitting Eyewear



Q – Do I need a new exam to get glasses?

A – If you have gotten contact lenses within the last 12 months, your optometrist has your eyeglass prescription on file, so there is no need to get a new examination. If it has been almost a full year since your last eye exam, it is a good idea to get an updated prescription before making a new purchase. Spending money on new frames and lenses with an old exam can really end up costing you more.

Has it been longer than 12 months since your last eye exam? Schedule an appointment here.

Q – Do I need to make an appointment to get new glasses?

A – If you already have a prescription, you don’t need an appointment to go in and get new glasses. Opticians are the people who help fill the prescription by finding the right combination of frames and lenses – asking a professional will ensure that your glasses will fit the best in order to get the best vision. The opticians can also check your vision benefits while you are at the office. Note: Some insurance plans even give discounts on glasses after you have used the benefit for contact lenses. Make sure to have someone review your benefits closely and ask your insurance company as well!

Q – Will the glasses be stylish? I don’t want coke bottle lenses.

A – There are so many choices now when it comes to frame styles. Great brands like Versace, Polo, Coach and Guess, among many others make fashionable, comfortable and stylish eye glasses. If you aren’t quite sure which frame to pick, we have the ability to take multiple pictures of you wearing your favorite choices and compare up to 4 images at a time to help you decide. Lenses are also made thinner than ever. This helps reduce thickness and weight for a better look and a more comfortable wear. You can find out more about lens and frame options here.

Q – What if I didn’t get my prescription at your practice?

A – In the state of Texas, you have the option of purchasing your eyewear at a different location than where you got your eye exam. A Release of Information form typically has to be completed before a prescription can be transferred from one office to the next.

If you are interested in getting your glasses at Vision Source Meyer Park, leave a message here with your name, the name of the practice and phone number where you got your eye exam.  You will be contacted in order to begin the simple process of getting your prescription transferred.

So consider getting a back-up pair of glasses and avoid being caught in a situation where you wish you had them.

Guest Post By: Sylvia Fish